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Welcome to the Anti Drama Mamas! You are currently viewing this page as a guest with limited access. If you would like to become a member of this site, please read the welcome post below. You must follow ALL instructions in the welcome post or your account will not be activated - read carefully! :) Hope to chat with you soon!

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Welcome to the Anti-Drama Mamas - a private forum for women in Northeast Ohio (or with ties to Northeast Ohio) who are in any stage of their family planning.

We are a group who believes that we should be supporting one another
and building each other up - not tearing them down.

Our boards are to be used for positive conversation and encouragement of all women regardless of personal differences. Any and all personal drama toward other members must remain off our boards.

Also, please know that only people who are members of this forum have access to read posts, see pictures of your kids, etc. We do this to try to protect families as much as we possibly can. Please help us respect people's privacy by not sharing information about members with people off our board.


Please note: Currently, membership is through referral only.

If you received an invitation to ADM by another member, please follow these steps. If you do not follow all of these steps, your account will not be activated. No exceptions. You MUST follow the steps below:

STEP 1. Register for the board by clicking "register" at the top of the page. Please use your FIRST NAME as your username (no screen names or numbers, please). If someone has already taken that name, please add a last initial.

STEP 2. Please send an email to [email protected] and include the following information:
a. Your name
b. Who referred you
c. Your current parental status (parent? pregnant? ttc? losses? etc)
d. Geographical Location - ie: City, State.

The administrators will activate your account as soon as possible. Once you are activated, please log in and take a moment to introduce yourself! Please note that we do not automatically check the AOL email account. We only check it once we have notification that someone registered. So, please follow the steps above and register FIRST and then send the verification email SECOND. Image

Thank you and please enjoy our forums!
The Anti-Drama Mama Admins

Please note, with a large group of women, there are bound to be personal conflicts that come up - through debates or engaging in conflicting parenting styles. However, please resolve any personal conflicts in private and off of our boards. Even if there is more than one person involved, use a chat room or email. Failure to abide by this Anti-Drama rule will result in a warning by one of the administrators. After a warning, the administrators have the right to remove you from this board. If you do not agree with this guideline, do not request to join our forum.

Inactivity - If these rules are not followed your account may be suspended or deleted.

* Please visit the board within 14 days of joining.
If you do not visit the board within this time frame, you risk being deleted.

* Please be a contributing member. We understand that with taking care of a child you can become very busy, but failing to visit the board for OR post for 1 month will defined as inactivity.

* If your account is suspended or deleted for inactivity you can reregister but you must become an active member within 1 week of reactivation or you risk being permanently deleted.

Please understand that this helps to create and maintain a secure feeling for all of our members. This is important because of the fact that so much personal information can be, and is, shared on a daily basis.

About lurking:

The topic of lurking (spending a lot of time on the board without actually posting anything) has come up as concern. While we realize that not everyone is going to be able to post every day, we also thought it was a bit odd that some members would log in day after day and not make a single post of their own. We wanted to figure out a way to address this in a fair manner.

Starting April 8, 2008 you will be required to post 5% of the time that you visit the board. This is a very low request and one that we feel is very reasonable.

For example: If you have visited 500 times, you will be required to have at least 25 posts.

Please also know that we realize that there may be specific situations where the clause does not make sense for certain members.
If you ever have a situation where you feel your membership may be in jeopardy because of the inactivity/lurking clause, please feel free to pm one of the admins to let them know or email the admin email account at [email protected] so we can work something out.

When performing member list cleanups every month or so, we try to send a friendly reminder email out to members who haven't logged in or posted in a while. If we hear nothing back from them or they do not log in or post, then we usually just delete them from our member list. Along these same lines, if a member receives a reminder letter 3 times and there has been no change in their activity, they will also be deleted from the board.

*Inactivity standards and additional guidelines are subject to change and update without notice. Please check back and reread often.

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